Code   o'clock

Hello World

Hello World

We, the DaWanda Cupcakes, say:

class Hi < DaWanda::Cupcakes
  "Hi folks"


Team Photo

Team photo


Order management for sellers on mobile devices.

Inspector Bokeh
Canvas-based blur detection with JavaScript.

Download library for digital goods.

Code o’Clock
New Dev Blog, simple to use, hosted with Github Pages. New name, “Brand” and domain.

Learning App
Tool for lightning talks organization and team education.

Core API removal
Rebuild parts of legacy API in our new backend.

Lunch Roulette
Social tool to organize team lunches.

A Scala application that pushes Mysql Binlog events to Kafka.

Category Auto-Suggest
Machine learning project in Java for product category suggestion by title and description.


To get a little more personal we also have a team site. Feel free to contact anyone of us. The Github profiles are linked.

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